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November - May

1/2 Days:
$ 300 (1 client)
$ 340 (2 clients)
$ 380 (3 clients)
$ 420 (4 clients)
$ 490 (> 4 clients)
$ 340 (Families)

Full Days:
$ 400 (1 client)
$ 450 (2 clients)
$ 500 (3 clients)
$ 540 (4 clients)
$ 590 (> 4 clients)
$ 450 (Families)

plus 5% GST

For long days > 8 hrs please ask for a custom quote!

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Canmore - Banff - Calgary
Winter Adventure Day Trips

Ice Climbing, Snowshoeing, Ski Touring, Winter Hiking and Mountaineering Day Trips around Canmore and Banff / Canada

Banff - Kootenay - Yoho - Kanansakis Parks
- Winterwonderland in the Rockies
- Solitude and Quietness!
- Custom adventures
- Banff National Park's beauty
- Beautiful, panoramic high level trails
- All levels - great family trips
- Equipment rental included
- Hotel pick up available

Experience the serenity of the spectacular winter backcountry in Banff, Yoho and Kootenay and Kananaskis Parks by spending a day snowshoeing, ice climbing, hiking or winter mountaineering. Get away from the busy ski resorts of Banff and Lake Louise and spice up your vacation in Canmore or Banff with a day or a half day trip into the backcountry.

We gladly give you a quote for transport and hotel pick ups and we can usually supply all needed equipment for most activities.

All our trips are guided by ACMG certified ski, alpine or mountain guides who are local Banff and Canmore experts.

If you are interested in multi day trips and courses please use the following links for more detail about our trips around Banff and Canmore:

Canmore - Baff Ice Climbing
Canmore - Banff Snow Shoeing

Snowshoe hikes in the mountain parks of western Canada
Winter Trips in the Canadian Rockies around Banff

Single Day And Half Day Venues From Banff, Canmore or Calgary (with driving times):

Ice Climbing:
Introduction Level: Junk Yards / Grassi Lakes (5 min west of Canmore), Johnston Canyon (15 min west of Banff), Haeffner Creek (20 min west of Banff and southeast of Lake Louise), King Creek (10 min south of Kananaskis Village and 40 min S/E of Canmore.

Advanced and Multi-Pitch:

Rogan's Gully (6 pitches, WI 2, 5 min from Banff), Cascade Falls (5 min from Banff, 8 pitches, WI 3), Professor Falls (Banff, 8 pitches, WI 4), Louise Falls (40 min from Banff, 3 Pitches, WI 3 - 5), Guiness Gully (15 min west of Lake Louise, 50 min from Banff, 7 pitches, WI 4), Evan Thomas Creek (5 min south of Kananaskis Village, Several Routes WI 2 - 4, 2-3 pitches).

Snow Shoeing:
½ day trips in non avalanche terrain: Paint Pots in Kootenay National Parks (30 min from Banff or LL), Hector Lake (10 min from LL), Peyto Lake (20 min from LL), Kananaskis Lakes (also suitable for full day, 20 min from Kananaskis Village). Evan Thomas Creek (10 min from Kananaskis Village).
Day trips in non-avalanche terrain: Lake O'Hara (better with cross country ski gear, 15 min from LL), Paradise Valley (5 min from LL), Chester Lake and Elephant Rocks (30 min from Canmore or Kananaskis Village in Peter Loughhead Park), Evan Thomas Creek (10 min from Kananaskis Villgage),

Day trips - peak ascents with snow shoes (some avalanche terrain encountered):
Saddle Mountain (5 min from LL), Burstall Pass (30 min from Canmore), Big Beehive Loop (5 min from LL).

Backcountry Ski Touring:
Black Prince, Tryst Lake or Robertson Glacier (Peter Loughheed Park, 30 min from Canmore or Kananaskis Village), Kootenay Park Burns (various venues, 30 min from Banff), Surprise Pass (Lake Louise Classic, 40 min from Banff), Mt Field (Yoho Park, 50 min from Banff), Mt. Crowfoot, Gordon or St. Niclaus at the Wapta Icefields (1 hr from Banff)), Bow Summit (1 hr from Banff), Dolomites Circuit (1 hr from Banff)

Winter Hiking or Winter Mountaineering
Countless venues possible in Banff, Yoho, Kootenay and Alberta Provincial Parks, but depending on current conditions / snow levels. Best inquire by phone or e-mail.

Trip Details and Small Print - Canmore Winter Adventures
Can I do it?
Custom trips for all abilities. No previous experience necessary.

Meeting Point and Time:
Meet your guide at your hotel in Banff or Canmore or one of the many coffee shops.

Climate, Weather, Temperatures:
Winter mountain weather in the Canadian Rockies is often influenced by cold, continental air originating in the arctic. Be prepared and equipped for temps between 0 C to -25 C (-32 F to -15 F).

Services Included in the Total Price:

Guiding by a certified ski, alpine or mountain guide, all trip arrangements. Rental of technical equipment is included. Shoes or boots can be provided at $ 10 / person /day.


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