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Jorg's Blog
June 16:
Summer is upon us! On June 8 we had our first group for the season summit Mont Blanc in still relatively snowy conditions. But temperatures are really warm right now in Europe so it even looks like the Dolomites will shed their record snow load from last winter relatively quick!
December 2nd:
While the Wilz family is still enjoying our last few weeks in Provence, the winter had a great start in both Canada and the Alps. Everyone os out skiing and ice climbing and it looks like a great season is upon us. I'm largely concentrating on our new web site - launch date will be around Christmas and we're pretty psyched!
September 19:
Please have a look at our winter newsletter featuring some new trips, namely three weeks of helicopter fly-in weeks at Fairy Meadows and Sorcerer Lodge in April in the Selkirks and a bunch of new ski traverses that I will be guiding personally in the Alps in the spring. We have also expanded our heli-ski touring program quite a bit in response to the strong demand from last season.

The summer is coming to an end but the golden fall we are experiencing in Canada right now is better than the summer anyways. We are still climbing the classic peaks like Mt. Victoria and Assiniboine - unbelievable for late September......

In the Alps, things are winding down slowly. This weekends' cold front put a final end to the Matterhorn ascents and Mont Blanc has become quite wintery but ascents via gouter Hut will be possible again until Sep 28.
June 22:
We just went through the worst flooding that our little Rocky Mountain Town Canmore AB has seen. Rampant Cougar Creek went out of control and ripped out the sidewalls to adjacent back yards and buildings. Our family (and with it our office) was ordered to evacuate two days ago from our Cougar Creek neighborhood but we just heard that we are allowed to return, however water and gas will not be restored for another day.

I don't anticipate any damage to our house as we are several blocks away from the Creek. Three of our friends and fellow OnTop guides have their houses along the Creek, but miraculously, none of them lost their home - many others did unfortunately.... Now the sun is out and there is mellow weather in the forecast. I anticipate that things will be back to a certain level of normality within the next two days, especially once the road connection to Calgary will be re-established. The Transcanada Highway suffered large damages with many bridges collapsed and road sections undercut by water.

With Kirstine currently on vacation, our office will be back to our usual (immediate) level of responsiveness, once we moved our office furniture and computer back into the downstairs of our house and internet is re-established. Until then we are operating from our laptop at our friend's house on the other side of town. Thanks for your understanding!

May 21:
Just back from the annual IFMGA meetings which the Canadian Mountain Guide Association hosted in Whistler BC this year. Many familiar faces amongst the delgates, including Kurt Walde who works for us regularly in the Dolomites. Productive meetings, lots of socials and good CPD training sessions.

The summer promises to be busy again, especially for our trips in Europe. Personally, I wil be spending most of the summer guiding in Canada, then move with my family to Provence / France in early September for about 4 months. Kids will be in school there and I'll keep myself busy guiding rock and climbing camps in the beautiful limestone climbing areas of southern France and Spain. The plan is to return just in time for ski and ice climbing season to kick in full blast in January 2014.
In the meantime my old climbing buddy Ray from Boulder is working on a complete overhaul of our web site - prospective launch date will be in October 2013. Can't wait!


Via Ferrata and Classic Hikes in Provence, France:
Come join our head guide Jorg Wilz for a new via ferrata trip in Provence, France starting September 16.

New Trips on the Site:
A new Via Ferrata Trip in the Dolomites? Not really, since we've been running it as a custom trip for 16 years now: The Brenta Dolomites Bochette Loop. Probably the best via ferrata hut trek in the Dolomites (i.e.: in the world) in terms of beauty, views, exposure and challenge level. A must for every ferratista!

ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen = German Public TV) is producing a documentary about the Banff National Park, to be aired prime time on December 26, 2013. Jorg and Gery Unterasinger were filmed and interviewed ice climbing on Professor Falls close to Banff on a rather balmy spring day in early May. More film takes are planned for the remainder of the year.....

Telejournal Radio Canada CBC, French Channel (October 21, 2011): Jorg and Lilla Molnar were interviewed (in French!) and filmed climbing in Heart Creek as part of the daily french news show for Alberta, which was live casted from Canmore. The interview was largely about the attraction of Canmore for the mountain guide profession. If you follow the above link make sure to click on "Octobre" in the drop down menu and "Emission du Vendredi Oct 21". You can fast forward to scene 3/5.

Business Traveller Asia-Pacific (May 2009):
Featured is our Cortina Via Ferrata Trek as one of a series of outstanding adventures.

Vanity Fair Travel (April 2009): On of our all time favorites, the Haute Route Glacier Trek is being featured on page 123 as one of two hand-full of "Great Journeys". That is why we have been running this itinerary for the last 15 years!

Explore Magazine (October 2008):
Jorg is featured in "Explore", probably the most popular Canadian outdoor magazine, representing mountain guiding in a piece about outdoor professions.

Following frequent requests, we finally posted an article that Jorg wrote for Rock and Ice Magazine in 2001 about the mountain guiding profession in the USA - pretty entertaining reading but unfortunately not much has changed in 10 years since!

New Canmore Resource Page:
Our friend Scott Semple has started two new resource sites for the Rockies and the Banff / Canmore area in particular.

InCanmore.com is a general resource page with lots of infos about popular mountain activities including route descriptions.

ClimbingConditions.com are a conditions page that also features the postings of all ACMG guides as well as the postings of other climbers.

Canadian Rockies and Columbia Mountains Conditions Links:
ACMG Mountain Conditions Report
Check out a new services provided by the ACMG (Association of Canadian Mountain guides).
A mountain conditions report (updated summary once a week for any time pre- and late season when there is no public avalanche bulletin in place).
It also has daily field observations from professional guides regarding snow coverage, skiing and ice climbing quality.


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